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update log:
1, change default setting GPS STAMPING = LOG ONLY
2, correct the MPH value, which was KMH value when set the SPEED STAMPING to MPH
4, auto switch GPS STAMPING to LOG ONLY when user set the STAMPING to KMH or MPH, if the GPS STAMPING was OFF
4, improve the codes for GPS icon showing delay. (this need to be wide tested.)

Any result or suggestion will be appericated.
download here:

update log:
1, power indicator will be light when external power input;
2, Rotate Image 180degree problem will occur on HDR 1080P mode. working on this with Ambarella engineers.
3, hold OK button to take photo, this can only be done on 1080P or 720P mode now. working on this with Ambarella engineers.
4, added "0806" before firmware version, for easier firmware identification when users need an upgrade.
5, add "AV-OUT" setting between "PARKING GUARD" and "GREEN INDICATOR", as a switch of AV-OUT. (AV-OUT will consume power, so it is recommended to switch it off if you don't need to output AV signal.) (Please reboot the camera to make AV-OUT take effect.)