1. please download here:

    update log:
    1, re-check all the km/h and MPH
    2, correct the value of MPH speed
    3, turn on auto recording when Parking Guard actived
    4, call back the alrm sound of start recording and locking
    5, change the 15sec and 30sec to 15SEC and 30SEC
    6, change the power button back to ON/OFF screen
    7, re-check the one-key-lock function (long press to un-lock)
    8, update the OK recording button to one-key-record (long press to stop)
    9, update the stamping when camera rotated on HDR mode.

    1, combine
    2, add time stamping to photo
    3, add FCWS switch
    4, image rotating problem under HDR 1080P (1frame per 90frame?)
    5, video code CBR/VBR and stream rate. (TBD)
    6, change 30P/45P/60P to "fps"
    7, add the border of stamping charactors from 1 to 3
    8, combine time stamping
    9, combine date stamping
    10, combine speed stamping
    11, rename SENSOR FLIP
    12, array the stamping into 3 rows at bottom-right or 1 row at middle
    13, increase the size of icon and re-array
    14, increase the size of warning charactors
    15, IQ optimization for 5010 lens 
  1. download here.

    update log:

    1, change date format with options yy/mm/dd mm/dd/yy dd/mm/yy -- done
    2, combine date format with date stamping -- pending
    3, change time format with options 12hours 24 hours -- done
    4, combine time format with time stamping -- pending
    5, stamping mistake when flip up -- pending
    6, change P to FPS in video resolution setting -- pending
    7, increase font bolders from 1 point to 3 point -- pending
    8, combine speed unit with speed stamping -- pending
    9, add 15sec and 30sec to screen off delay -- done
    10, separate driver number stamping from stamping -- done
    12, re-name QUALITY to VIDEO QUALITY -- done
    13, re-name AUTO POWER OFF to POWER OFF DELAY -- done
    14, re-name POWER OFF SCREEN to SCREEN OFF DELAY -- done
    15, re-name Departure warning to Lane Departure -- done
    16, re-name Frontal Vehicle to Collision Warning -- done
    17, add auto rotate image 180 degree -- pending
    18, make stamping to 3 rows at bottom-right or 1 row at center bottom -- pending
    19, replace power on sound, power off sound, shutter sound -- done (Thanks Nigel for the PCM files)
    20, replace the LDWS warning sound -- done
    21, close press button sound -- done
    22, add GREEN INDICATOR for GPS STATUS, MIC STATUS and OFF -- done
    23, change the multi-exposure mode for better video quality -- Amba can't suppport this for now
    24, increase size of the charactors and icons -- pending
    25, increase size of warning charactors -- pending
    26, add pause icon for playback -- done
    27, add altitudes data to GPS log -- done
    28, add CANCEL to FILE PROTECT OPERATION -- done
    29, add VIDEO PLAYBACK & PHOTO VIEWER title charactors -- done
    30, change format code from exFAT to FAT32 -- unavailable for now
    31, auto move the locked files to independent folder and set the MAX quantity to 10 -- unavailable for now.
  1. the second update - 20141107
  2. download here!  
  3. http://www.mimi0806.com/firmware/0806firmware-141107.zip
  1. The engineer haven't sent me the update log this afternoon.
    But i would like to upload the file for you first, maybe this firmware is useful for you!
    I simplely tested the firmware and found some obvious changes.