New 0806 firmware released for test.
If you found any bug or improving purpose, please let we know.

  1. download here:

If your mini 0806 camera are dead after upgrade, please follow the below to recover.

download here (

1, Extract the archive you have just downloaded,
2, Hold the UP button of mini 0806 and plug mini 0806 in to PC, it should make a sound to say new hardware plugged in, or an unknown device appears in device manager, (If it doesn't, unplug device and hold power button for 20 seconds till light goes out and plug back in) on windows 7 manually install the drivers, point to the folder you have just extracted, then go to DirectUSB/Drivers. if it doesn't work, please re-check the cable connection.
3, Let it install, then install the C++ distribution packs for your OS.
4, Run Direct USB
5, Click connect, make sure it detects device and says init dram ok.
6, Select relevant firmware file under firmware, then click Download, it should all go smoothly, this process is quite quick, as soon as it stops doing the flash it will show a full green bar and OK.
7, Unplug mini 0806, hold power till LED light goes off, then turn it on and it should boot up...

download here:

update log:
1, change default setting GPS STAMPING = LOG ONLY
2, correct the MPH value, which was KMH value when set the SPEED STAMPING to MPH
4, auto switch GPS STAMPING to LOG ONLY when user set the STAMPING to KMH or MPH, if the GPS STAMPING was OFF
4, improve the codes for GPS icon showing delay. (this need to be wide tested.)

Any result or suggestion will be appericated.
  1. please download here:

    update log:
    1, re-check all the km/h and MPH
    2, correct the value of MPH speed
    3, turn on auto recording when Parking Guard actived
    4, call back the alrm sound of start recording and locking
    5, change the 15sec and 30sec to 15SEC and 30SEC
    6, change the power button back to ON/OFF screen
    7, re-check the one-key-lock function (long press to un-lock)
    8, update the OK recording button to one-key-record (long press to stop)
    9, update the stamping when camera rotated on HDR mode.

    1, combine
    2, add time stamping to photo
    3, add FCWS switch
    4, image rotating problem under HDR 1080P (1frame per 90frame?)
    5, video code CBR/VBR and stream rate. (TBD)
    6, change 30P/45P/60P to "fps"
    7, add the border of stamping charactors from 1 to 3
    8, combine time stamping
    9, combine date stamping
    10, combine speed stamping
    11, rename SENSOR FLIP
    12, array the stamping into 3 rows at bottom-right or 1 row at middle
    13, increase the size of icon and re-array
    14, increase the size of warning charactors
    15, IQ optimization for 5010 lens 
  1. download here.

    update log:

    1, change date format with options yy/mm/dd mm/dd/yy dd/mm/yy -- done
    2, combine date format with date stamping -- pending
    3, change time format with options 12hours 24 hours -- done
    4, combine time format with time stamping -- pending
    5, stamping mistake when flip up -- pending
    6, change P to FPS in video resolution setting -- pending
    7, increase font bolders from 1 point to 3 point -- pending
    8, combine speed unit with speed stamping -- pending
    9, add 15sec and 30sec to screen off delay -- done
    10, separate driver number stamping from stamping -- done
    12, re-name QUALITY to VIDEO QUALITY -- done
    13, re-name AUTO POWER OFF to POWER OFF DELAY -- done
    14, re-name POWER OFF SCREEN to SCREEN OFF DELAY -- done
    15, re-name Departure warning to Lane Departure -- done
    16, re-name Frontal Vehicle to Collision Warning -- done
    17, add auto rotate image 180 degree -- pending
    18, make stamping to 3 rows at bottom-right or 1 row at center bottom -- pending
    19, replace power on sound, power off sound, shutter sound -- done (Thanks Nigel for the PCM files)
    20, replace the LDWS warning sound -- done
    21, close press button sound -- done
    22, add GREEN INDICATOR for GPS STATUS, MIC STATUS and OFF -- done
    23, change the multi-exposure mode for better video quality -- Amba can't suppport this for now
    24, increase size of the charactors and icons -- pending
    25, increase size of warning charactors -- pending
    26, add pause icon for playback -- done
    27, add altitudes data to GPS log -- done
    28, add CANCEL to FILE PROTECT OPERATION -- done
    29, add VIDEO PLAYBACK & PHOTO VIEWER title charactors -- done
    30, change format code from exFAT to FAT32 -- unavailable for now
    31, auto move the locked files to independent folder and set the MAX quantity to 10 -- unavailable for now.
  1. the second update - 20141107
  2. download here!  
  1. The engineer haven't sent me the update log this afternoon.
    But i would like to upload the file for you first, maybe this firmware is useful for you!
    I simplely tested the firmware and found some obvious changes.

  1. here is the 1031 version for your test:

    update log:
    FW1: "NO" button on "Formal Successful!" -- fixed
    FW2: card name in "Choose Card" should be A and B -- fixed
    FW3: card icon on main screen is "1" and "2" -- pending. the icon is too small
    FW4: LED indicator defination -- pending
    FW5: spelling mistake -- pending, work on the marjor problems first
    FW6: screen rotation with button defination -- fixed, and will use a ring instead of the OK on middle button
    FW7: UI change, icon location, color, and white charactors -- pending
    FW8: short or remove boot sound, extend LDWS warning sound -- pending, anyone good at the sound editing? the sound we can find from public maybe all windows system sound........
    FW9: manual lock file, short press to lock, hold to un-lock -- fixed
    FW10: rotate the stamp when screen rotate -- fixed, the stamp will be on left-top corner after rotating
    FW11: move stamp to the corner (no AV output) -- pending
    FW12: EIS/DIS off -- no EIS now in this SDK
    FW13: card B priority -- done
    FW14: format problem on 64G card -- pending
    FW15: ghosting with HDR -- pending

    Other requirements:
    HW01: CPL cover the corners, -- will lower the CPL and add mark
    HW02: boot freezing -- fixed, added the card reading delay
    HW03: magenta screen -- pending, engineers went over the firmware but find nothing. hardware engineer also working on check this.
    HW04: GPS mount connect with 0806 -- pending
    HW05: hard to pull the screen film out -- will modify the mold
    HW06: card mark printing in mistake direction -- will modify printing jig
    HW07: add button height -- will modify mold
    HW08: easy break the housing -- will modify mold
    HW09: Power adaptor voltage too high -- not a problem when no load
    HW10: brighter green LED -- the green color is not so sensitive for human eyes
    HW11: connector on GPS mount -- make new GPS mount
    HW12: Vibration sound -- will modify mold
    HW13: black VHB pad -- will do
    HW14: add vertical mark on housing for CPL -- will add
    HW15: camera wobbles at idle -- not a camera problem but resonance
    HW16: not easy to insert TF -- move card B 0.3mm outside
    HW17: extend mount slot on GPS -- extend on new GPS mount
    HW18: stop recording when engine start -- same as HW02

    RFW01: no delete GPS log -- engineer told there crash happened
    RFW02: optional date format -- pending
    RFW03: optional 12/24 hour -- pending, too long menu list
    RFW04: GPS and speed stamp -- added
    RFW05: speed meter KMH/MPH -- added, but i found the menu title is empty
    RFW06: AVERAGE in AE mode -- added
    RFW07: parking guard -- added, but the battery can only support 1 day parking for G-sensor moniting
    RFW08: FCWS -- not available in this SDK version
    RFW09: optional GPS status or MUTE status on green LED -- pending
    RFW10: option CANCEL at FILE PROTECT OPERATION -- pending
    RFW11: menu subject SETUP, PLAYBACK, VIEWER -- pending
    RFW12: change font of charactors in menu -- pending, engineers are not good at artwork. maybe you guys are more technical on the westen fonts? please help to advise a better font for the UI.
    RFW13: optimize icon size and position -- pending
    RFW14: shutter sound -- pending
    RFW15: pause icon when playback pause -- pending
    RFW16: AV out function -- there is not enough space for a AV connector on PCB and housing. will use the pin 4 of the microUSB connector to output AV signal. you can DIY a AV cable for your DVD
    RFW17: wedge for offset mounting -- will add 2D and 4D wedge in new mold