1. here is the 1031 version for your test:

    update log:
    FW1: "NO" button on "Formal Successful!" -- fixed
    FW2: card name in "Choose Card" should be A and B -- fixed
    FW3: card icon on main screen is "1" and "2" -- pending. the icon is too small
    FW4: LED indicator defination -- pending
    FW5: spelling mistake -- pending, work on the marjor problems first
    FW6: screen rotation with button defination -- fixed, and will use a ring instead of the OK on middle button
    FW7: UI change, icon location, color, and white charactors -- pending
    FW8: short or remove boot sound, extend LDWS warning sound -- pending, anyone good at the sound editing? the sound we can find from public maybe all windows system sound........
    FW9: manual lock file, short press to lock, hold to un-lock -- fixed
    FW10: rotate the stamp when screen rotate -- fixed, the stamp will be on left-top corner after rotating
    FW11: move stamp to the corner (no AV output) -- pending
    FW12: EIS/DIS off -- no EIS now in this SDK
    FW13: card B priority -- done
    FW14: format problem on 64G card -- pending
    FW15: ghosting with HDR -- pending

    Other requirements:
    HW01: CPL cover the corners, -- will lower the CPL and add mark
    HW02: boot freezing -- fixed, added the card reading delay
    HW03: magenta screen -- pending, engineers went over the firmware but find nothing. hardware engineer also working on check this.
    HW04: GPS mount connect with 0806 -- pending
    HW05: hard to pull the screen film out -- will modify the mold
    HW06: card mark printing in mistake direction -- will modify printing jig
    HW07: add button height -- will modify mold
    HW08: easy break the housing -- will modify mold
    HW09: Power adaptor voltage too high -- not a problem when no load
    HW10: brighter green LED -- the green color is not so sensitive for human eyes
    HW11: connector on GPS mount -- make new GPS mount
    HW12: Vibration sound -- will modify mold
    HW13: black VHB pad -- will do
    HW14: add vertical mark on housing for CPL -- will add
    HW15: camera wobbles at idle -- not a camera problem but resonance
    HW16: not easy to insert TF -- move card B 0.3mm outside
    HW17: extend mount slot on GPS -- extend on new GPS mount
    HW18: stop recording when engine start -- same as HW02

    RFW01: no delete GPS log -- engineer told there crash happened
    RFW02: optional date format -- pending
    RFW03: optional 12/24 hour -- pending, too long menu list
    RFW04: GPS and speed stamp -- added
    RFW05: speed meter KMH/MPH -- added, but i found the menu title is empty
    RFW06: AVERAGE in AE mode -- added
    RFW07: parking guard -- added, but the battery can only support 1 day parking for G-sensor moniting
    RFW08: FCWS -- not available in this SDK version
    RFW09: optional GPS status or MUTE status on green LED -- pending
    RFW10: option CANCEL at FILE PROTECT OPERATION -- pending
    RFW11: menu subject SETUP, PLAYBACK, VIEWER -- pending
    RFW12: change font of charactors in menu -- pending, engineers are not good at artwork. maybe you guys are more technical on the westen fonts? please help to advise a better font for the UI.
    RFW13: optimize icon size and position -- pending
    RFW14: shutter sound -- pending
    RFW15: pause icon when playback pause -- pending
    RFW16: AV out function -- there is not enough space for a AV connector on PCB and housing. will use the pin 4 of the microUSB connector to output AV signal. you can DIY a AV cable for your DVD
    RFW17: wedge for offset mounting -- will add 2D and 4D wedge in new mold


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