Reviewed by Phil
I bought the Mini 0801 about 6 months ago from CCS and it's been great. No problems and the service was good when I needed some help setting it up. I was waiting for the new 0806 to come out so I can put the 0801 in my wifes car and i'll take the new 0806. 
it arrived this morning and i have to say that it's certainly an improvement so far. the box and packaging on this new camera is better and it seems a more robust bit of kit. i got the CPL polarising filter as well which just clips on using magnetics. very impressive. the mount also has wedges so you can point the camera left/right - something missing from the previous camera. 
i'm going to install it this afternoon and take it out for a test drive so i'll report back with my findings! great service again from CCS with fast delivery and even some free sweets!


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