Question from Gabacho:
Is the CPL generally used all the time, or do you take it off during different conditions?

Answer by Nigel:
If you remove it at night then you should reduce the amount of motion blur by about 50% but I've never noticed a difference, if I take it off then I tend to forget to put it back on and during daylight it makes a huge difference to the image quality so I just leave it on.

The advantage is that it removes the light reflected off the dashboard which would otherwise destroy the contrast and colours, also the reflections don't move while the outside view does so each pixel is both moving and static which makes it difficult for the mpeg encoder to encode the movement and given limited bitrate that looses detail and image sharpness.
< Thanks to Mtz and Nigel @ DashCamTalk >
Advantages of the new mount:

1. less parts - more reliability.
2a. two power connections - top and bottom so that you don't have a cable sticking untidily out the side.
2b. two power connections - top and bottom so that you can mount it upside down and still have the cable come neatly out the top.
2c. two power connections - top and bottom so that you can daisy chain multiple cameras (eg wide and narrow FOV).
3a. lower profile - stops the mount getting in the image with certain angles of windshield when using the wide angle lens and wide screen 21:9 cinema mode.
3b. lower profile - brings the camera lens closer to the glass reducing the amount of dashboard reflections in the FOV.
3c. lower profile - brings the camera lens closer to the glass resulting in larger scratches and dirt on the windshield being more out of focus and thus more invisible.
4. camera now mounted in centre of base instead of top corner resulting in better stability.
Reviewed by Phil
I bought the Mini 0801 about 6 months ago from CCS and it's been great. No problems and the service was good when I needed some help setting it up. I was waiting for the new 0806 to come out so I can put the 0801 in my wifes car and i'll take the new 0806. 
it arrived this morning and i have to say that it's certainly an improvement so far. the box and packaging on this new camera is better and it seems a more robust bit of kit. i got the CPL polarising filter as well which just clips on using magnetics. very impressive. the mount also has wedges so you can point the camera left/right - something missing from the previous camera. 
i'm going to install it this afternoon and take it out for a test drive so i'll report back with my findings! great service again from CCS with fast delivery and even some free sweets!
from <Nigel> for <mini0806 Dash  Camera>:
I'm impressed that I can read not only the number plate on the police car in front but the writing underneath too which is only 5 pixels high! That is a good focus  but maybe it should be focused a little further away to get the more difficult number plates?


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